1. Prof. Ogbonna U. OparakuDOWNLOAD CV Solid State Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems, Digital Electronics and Computers Systems
2. Prof. Cosmas I. AniDOWNLOAD CV Communication (Networks)
3. Dr. Mamilus Aginwa AhanekuDOWNLOAD CV Communication (Transmission)
4. Nathan DavidDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics & Computers Systems
5. Dr. Ogechukwu N. IloanusiDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics, Biometrics
6. Dr. Chijindu, Vincent ChukwudiDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics & Computers Systems
7. Dr. Okonor Obinna ElochukwuDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and Computer Systems
8. Dr. Uche  Afam NnolimDOWNLOAD CV Electronic and Computer Engineering
9. Dr. Udeze  Chidiebele ChinwenduDOWNLOAD CV Computer and Control Systems Engineering
10. Engr. Edeagu, Samuel. ODOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and Computer Systems
11. Engr. Okeke, Ijeoma OluchukwuDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics
12. Engr. Ezeja, Michael ObinnaDOWNLOAD CV Communication (Networks)
13. Engr. Eze, Martin ChinweokwuDOWNLOAD CV Renewable Energy Systems, Digital Signal Processing, and Embedded Systems
14. Engr. Anioke, Chidera LindaDOWNLOAD CV Telecommunication Engineering
15. Engr. Edward Chidi AnoliefoDOWNLOAD CV PV Systems, Automobile Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation
16. Engr. Chinedu Ahamereze DuruDOWNLOAD CV Communication (Networks)
17. Engr. Odo, Polycarp. ODOWNLOAD CV Renewable energy/photovoltaic, nanotechnology
18. Engr. Agbo, Cornelius C.DOWNLOAD CV Computer Security 
19. Engr. Anarado, Ijeoma Jane-FrancesDOWNLOAD CV Fault-tolerant computing, digital signal processing
20. Engr. Ezeme, Melitus OkwudiliDOWNLOAD CV Software Engineering, Knowledge Discovery Systems and Data mining, Optimizations
21. Engr. Ali, Rex NdubisiDOWNLOAD CV Information and decision systems
22. Engr. Christantus Obinna NnamaniDOWNLOAD CV Telecommunication Engineering
23. Engr. Ali, Hyacinth ChijiokeDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and computers Systems
24. Engr. Olisa, Samuel ChukwuemekaDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and Computer, Renewable and Sustainable Energy
25. Engr. Eke, Chima StanleyDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and Computer Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy
26. Engr. Alochukwu Vincent AnimaluDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics and Computer Systems 
27. Engr. Uchechukwu U. AronuDOWNLOAD CV Software Engineering, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Energy
28. Engr. Jideofor Ambrose OdoezeDOWNLOAD CV Silicon photonics, renewable energy systems, intelligent control circuits
29. Engr. Chinenye Augustine AjiboDOWNLOAD CV Broadband technologies, mobile communication networks and wireless sensor networks
30. Engr. Ifeanyi Maryrose Chinaeke-OgbukaDOWNLOAD CV Communications networks
31. Engr. Madukwe, Kosisochukwu JudithDOWNLOAD CV Digital Electronics And Computer Systems
32. Engr. Nwakamma, Peter AkachiDOWNLOAD CV Communications networks